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An interactive information system to evaluate and improve the financial performance of farming operations, included are: financial data for Illinois farm operations, interactive business decision tools, research results, downloadable financial analysis applications, and tips for using the data and tools to measure and manage farm risks.

FAST: Farm.Analysis.Solution.Tools
Computerized decision aids for financial analysis, investment analysis and farm financial management decisions.

Farmer's Guide to Agricultural Credit
This guide is designed to help you better understand agricultural credit and lending terms.

Financial Benchmarks
Tables that describe the financial performance measures of Illinois farms.

Credit Reports and Consumer Credit Scoring
Consumer credit reports are being used widely. This guide is designed to address many of the common questions producers have about the use of credit reports and consumer credit scoring.

Financial Analysis
Articles on methods and approaches to farm financial analysis.

Financial Characteristics of Illinois Farms 2004-2005
The purpose of this study is to describe the financial performance and characteristics of a sample of Illinois farms

Producer Preferences for Lender Attributes
This report provides a summary of attributes borrowers prefer from a lender. Survey results from 538 farmers are summarized. Aggregate results indicate interest rate, stability of the institution, and dependable credit source rank as the
three highest rated attributes.

Recent Publications
A paper examining the organizational choices facing FCS of America, including potential sale to Rabobank, merger with AgStar, or maintenance of the status quo (for related information see:

Ratio Calculator
An interactive information system to calculate various financial ratios and compare to other Illinois farms. Click here to download the ratio calculator. Click here to download the benchmark ratio analysis calculator.

Workshops & Training
Scheduled outreach and training events by University staff.

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