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A Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature: Volume 1, Traditional Fields of Agricultural Economics, 1940s to 1970s (1977) - Download Entire Book (PDF, 528MB)

Title Author Section Year PDF
Table of Contents and Foreword Lee R Martin, Editor Foreword 1977 PDF
Farm Management and Production Economics, 1946-70 Harald R. Jensen Part 1 1977 PDF
The Analysis of Productive Efficiency in Agricultural Marketing: Models, Methods, and Progress Ben C. French Part 2 1977 PDF
Policy for Commercial Agriculture, 1945-71 G. E. Brandow Part 3 1977 PDF
Postwar Policies Relating to Trade in Agricultural Products D. Gale Johnson Part 4 1977 PDF
Agricultural Price Analysis and Outlook William G. Tomek and Kenneth L. Robinson Part 5 1977 PDF
Agricultural Finance and Capital Markets John R. Brake and Emanuel Melichar Part 6 1977 PDF
Technical Change in Agriculture Willis Peterson and Yujiro Hayami Part 7 1977 PDF

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