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A Survey of Agricultural Economics Literature: Volume 2, Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics, 1940s to 1970s (1977) - Download Entire Book (PDF, 427MB)

Title Author Section Year PDF
Foreword and Introduction George G. Judge, et al., Editors Introduction 1977 PDF
Estimation and Statistical Inference in Economics George G. Judge Part 1 1977 PDF
Economic Optimization in Agricultural and Resource Economics Richard H. Day, Edward Sparling, and Roger C. Woodworth Part 2 1977 PDF
Systems Analysis and Simulation in Agricultural and Resource Economics S. R. Johnson and Gordon C. Rausser Part 3 1977 PDF
Agricultural Economic Information Systems M. L. Upchurch, et al. Part 4 1977 PDF
Appendix: A Brief Review of the Literature by Subject Category George G. Judge, et al., Editors Appendix 1977 PDF

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