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Commodity Markets and Futures Prices (Leuthold, 1979) - Download Entire Book (PDF, 13.39MB)

Title Author Section Year PDF
Contents and Introduction Raymond M. Leuthold, Editor Introduction 1979 PDF
Risk and Return Patterns on Overnight Holdings of Livestock Futures Robert M. Bear Section 1 1972 PDF
The Relation Between Volatility and Maturity in Futures Contracts Katherine Dusak Miller Section 1 1972 PDF
Application and Analysis of Pork-Belly Commodity Spreads Richard L. Meyer Section 1 1971 PDF
Empirical Evidence on International Monetary Market Currency Futures Don B. Panton and O. Maurice Joy Section 2 1976 PDF
An Assessment of Forecasting Accuracy and Market Efficiency in the International Money Market: 1967-1975 Richard M. Levich Section 2 1976 PDF
An Evaluation of the Relative Price-Forecasting Accuracy of Selected Futures Markets Ray Marquardt Section 2 1974 PDF
Revaluation Versus Devaluation: A Study of Exchange-Rate Changes William R. Folks, Jr. and Stanley R. Stansell Section 2 1973 PDF
The Worth National Bank of Sioux City Harlan Patterson Section 3 1972 PDF
The Effects of Location-Basis Variability on Livestock Hedging in the South Barry W. Bobst Section 4 1971 PDF
The Supply of Storage for Frozen Pork Bellies John C. Pickett Section 4 1972 PDF
The Feeder-Cattle Information System P. Thomas Cox and M. Anthony Wright Section 4 1977 PDF

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