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Futures Markets: Regulatory Issues (Peck, 1985) - Download Entire Book (PDF, 28.76MB)

Title Author Section Year PDF
Preface and foreword Anne E. Peck, editor Preface and foreword 1985 PDF
The Development of Congressional Concern about Financial Futures Markets Charles M. Seeger Chapter 1 1985 PDF
Trading Floor Practices on Futures and Securities Exchanges: Economics, Regulation, and Policy Issues Seymour Smidt Chapter 2 1985 PDF
Margins on Futures Contracts: Their Economic Roles and Regulation William G. Tomek Chapter 3 1985 PDF
The Small Public Trader in Futures Markets Dennis W. Draper Chapter 4 1985 PDF
The Role of Cash Settlement in Futures Contract Specification Allen B. Paul Chapter 5 1985 PDF
The Economic Roles and Implications of Trade in Livestock Futures Wayne D. Purcell and Michael A. Hudson Chapter 6 1985 PDF
Contributors Anne E. Peck, editor Contributors 1985 PDF

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