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Views From the Trade (Peck, 1978) - Download Entire Book (PDF, 16.5MB)

Title Author Section Year PDF
Introduction and contents A. E. Peck, Editor Intro 1978 PDF
Introduction to Hedging Virgil A. Wiese Section 1_1 1978 PDF
Case History of Hedging Virgil A. Wiese Section 1_2 1978 PDF
Merchandising and Inventory Management of Commodities: Carrying Charges and Basis Raleigh B. Wilson Section 1_3 1978 PDF
Grain Transportation Carl J. Lessing Section 1_4 1978 PDF
Basis Patterns T. A. Hieronymus Section 1_5 1978 PDF
Futures as a Corporate Tool H. R. Diercks Section 1_6 1978 PDF
Farmer Use of the Market T. A. Hieronymus Section 2_1 1978 PDF
Country Elevator Use of the Market E. B. Evans Section 2_2 1978 PDF
Use of Commodity Exchanges by Local Grain Marketing Organizations Virgil A. Wiese Section 2_3 1978 PDF
Country Merchandising and Country Bids Kenneth W. Stotler Section 2_4 1978 PDF
Terminal Elevator Operations Orrin S. Dowse Section 3_1 1978 PDF
The Use Made of Commodity Markets by Terminal Elevators M.D. Guild Section 3_2 1978 PDF
Commodity Markets and the Terminal Elevator Richard O. Westley Section 3_3 1978 PDF
The Dynamics of Terminal Elevator Management Ben Raskin Section 3_4 1978 PDF
Terminal Elevator Operations G.A. Kublin Section 3_5 1978 PDF
The Use of the Commodity Exchange by Millers Ellis D. English Section 4_1 1978 PDF
The Miller and the Commodity Market Atherton Bean Section 4_2 1978 PDF
The Miller's Use of the Commodity Exchange Fred W. Lake Section 4_3 1978 PDF
Trading in Fats and Oils Scott E. Cramer Section 5_1 1978 PDF
How a Soybean Processor Makes Use of Futures Markets Richard Williams Section 5_2 1978 PDF
Commodity Markets and the Processor Dwayne Andreas Section 5_3 1978 PDF
A Processor and Futures Markets W. C. Miller Section 5_4 1978 PDF
A Professional's View of Hedging Robert B. Parrott Section 6_1 1978 PDF
Innovation by an Exchange: A Case Study of the Development of the Plywood Futures Contract Richard L. Sandor Section 6_2 1978 PDF
The Importance of Hedging in Futures Trading; and the Effectiveness of Futures Trading for Hedging Roger W. Gray Section 6_3 1978 PDF
Why Does Futures Trading Succeed or Fail: An Analysis of Selected Commodities Roger W. Gray Section 6_4 1978 PDF

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