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Farm Management



Size Date User Guide Demo

Corn-Soybeans-Wheat Rotation Tool

1109k 1/15/2010 More Demo
The user can evaluate economic returns of changing corn-soybeans-wheat rotations.

Crop Insurance Calculator

753k 1/9/2005 More Demo
Compares gross revenue under different crop insurance products.

Corn-Soybeans Rotation Tool

1160k 1/15/2010 More Demo
The user can evaluate the economic returns of changing corn-soybeans rotations.

Enterprise Allocation and Analysis

955k 9/30/2008 More Demo
Estimates costs of production across farm enterprises.

Farmland Lease Analysis

1280k 1/15/2010 More Demo
Calculates revenues, costs, and returns for share rent, cash rent, and dry bushel farmland leases.

Machinery Economics

1197k 8/28/2015 More Demo
Analyzes the cost of completing fieldwork and generates machinery costs.

ACRE Comparison Program

2584k 5/5/2010 More
This program compares payments under ACRE and Traditional commodity program options available in the 2008 Farm Bill.

Planting Decision Model

1363k 5/31/2017 More
With this program, the user can: 1) estimate the costs of planting corn and soybeans by planting date, 2) estimate the net returns from replanting, 3) prevented planting payments, and 4) compare crop rotations.

ACRE Payment Estimator

848k 4/14/2013 More
This program allows the user to estimate ACRE Payments.

Grain Farm Budget and Projection Tool

8713k 4/3/2017 More
This program calculates per-acre budgets for different crops and a whole farm budget and includes breakevens. Projected financial statements and return sensitivities are available. The effects of farm level crop insurance and hedging can be analyzed.

Cash Rent with Bonus Worksheet

1145k 9/9/2015 More
Contains a worksheet that allows setting of parameters of cash rent with bonus leasing arrangements. The worksheet then calculates cash rents under alternative prices and yields.
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