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Financial Analysis



Size Date User Guide Demo

Appraisal of Current Financial Position

717k 8/25/2005 More Demo
Evaluates the potential operating loan needs of a farm business by taking a forward look at the business’ income, expenses, and cash flow requirements.

Balance Sheet & Historical Financial Statements

1435k 3/7/2016 More Demo
Prepares financial statements for a farm based on beginning and ending balance sheets and revenue and expense items.

Benchmark Ratio Analysis

2346k 2/13/2008 More Demo
Provides key ratio calculations and benchmarks for Illinois farms based on Sales, Age, Farm Type, Tenure, and All Farms.

Cash Flow Planning

1430k 11/2/2016 More Demo
Prepares monthly pro-forma cash flows for an operation.

Cash to Accrual Income Approximation

752k 1/9/2005 More Demo
Approximates accrual income from schedule F.

Estimation of Deferred Taxes

724k 8/25/2005 More Demo
Estimates deferred taxes for financial statement preparation.

Net Worth Allocation

719k 1/9/2005 More Demo
Provides an estimate of the separation of earned net worth and valuation of market valuation equity.

Ratio Calculator

1396k 2/8/2006 More Demo
Calculates the key financial ratios and provides a financial health index for levels and trends.

Repayment Capacity Analysis

1067k 2/8/2006 More
The user can estimate the cash needs required to meet living, debt and investment payments.

Quick Cash Flow Projections

1998k 3/30/2017 More Demo
Prepares a quarterly cash flow projection and performs sensitivity analysis.

Personal Financial Statements

2295k 8/27/2009 More
Prepares a family budget that produces a balance sheet and an income statement.

Farm Bill Scenario Analyzer

1089k 9/6/2007 More
Compares payments between the 2007 Farm Bill alternatives: The Bill passed by the House and the Durbin-Brown amendment offered in the Senate.

Ethanol Plant Simulator

1009k 5/12/2008 More
Simulate the performance of a dry mill ethanol plant over a 7-year period

New Company Simulator

1454k 10/28/2009 More
With this program, the user can project earnings, financial conditions, and break even levels and prices

Specialty Commodity Breakeven Analysis

1162k 10/28/2009 More
With this program, the user can enter budgets and calculate break even levels for a set of specialty commodities.
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