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Outreach efforts focus on farm management and risk management. Farm management work focuses on examination of issues impacting the profitability of grain farms including corn-soybean rotations, machinery economics, and factors separating profitable from unprofitable farms. Co-developer of FAST , a series of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that aid farmers in decision-making. Co-developer, of iFarm , on-line tools to aid farmers in crop insurance choices.

Computerized Decision Tools

FAST (for downloads go to )

Breakeven Analysis (description)

Crop Budgeting Tool (description)

Crop Insurance Calculator (description)

Crop Rotation Tool (description)

Enterprise Allocation and Analysis (description)

Farmland Lease Analysis (description)

Grain Delivery Model (description)

Grain Pricing Model (description)

Marketing & Crop Insurance Risk Model

Machinery Economics (description)

iFARM ( University of Illinois Farm Analysis & Risk Model)

iFARm Premium Calculator

iFARM Insurance Evaluator

Recent, select articles

Projected Returns for Corn and Soybeans in 2006 (December 2005)

Variable Cost Increases for Corn and Soybeans in Historical Perspective (September 2005)

2005 and 2006 Crop Budgets: Implications for Cash Rents and Production Decisions (August 2005)

Growth in Farm Size (June 2005)

Machinery Cost Estimates in 2005 (April 2005)

The Economics of Adding More Corn to Corn-Soybean Rotations (November 2004)

2004 Crop Insurance Changes and Historical Crop Insurance Use (October 2004)

Farmland Prices, Net Rents and Interest Rates Since 1970 (June 2004)

Planter Costs for Alternative Farm Sizes (March 2004)

Crop Costs on Illinois Grain Farms (March 2004)

Recent, select articles

Rising Input Costs: Implications for Crop Rotations and Cash Rent Values (December 2005)

Getting a Grip on GRIP ( Iowa presentation) (November 2005)

Sprayer Economics (July 2005)

Soybean Yields: A Strategic Issue (January 2005)

Large Farms: Are There Cost Advantages (July 2004)


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