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Outreach efforts are in four primary areas: (i) crop insurance evaluation, and supporting actuarial analyses (see iFarm); (ii) credit risk evaluation, management, and regulatory support; (iii) farmland markets, valuation and performance; and (iv) computerized decision support tools.
Select linkages and presentations:
Crop Insurance:

iFARM (University of Illinois Farm Analysis and Risk Model)

Teaching Crop Insurance to Farmers: Show them the data

Evaluating Illinois Yield Risk

Performance of Federal Crop Insurance Programs

Credit Risk Evaluation and policy support:

Co-author of Risk-Based Capital Stress Test software. Required by Congress for quarterly use to establish Risk-Based Capital Requirements for portfolio of approximately $8.5 billion of agricultural loans and related assets, commissioned by Director of Office of Secondary Market Oversight, FCA.

Author of software used by Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation to evaluate guarantee exposure on pools of agricultural loans.

Author of software used by Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation to assess insolvency probabilities and other major risks to insured obligations of Farm Credit System Banks.

Developer of iFAR Fastrack training modules on Economic Capital under the New Basell II Accord. ( Essential Risk Based Capital )

Farmland Markets:

ISPFMRA Annual Survey of Farmland Values and Lease Trends

IBA presentation: Farmland Markets: Historic Context and Contemporary Issues

(co-author of various tools in FAST suite of decision tools including Soil Productivity Utilities, Farm Rent Evaluator, and Historic Farmland Sales Database)


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