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Bruce Sherrick    
Ph: (217) 244-2637



Research emphases include:
  • Agricultural capital market risk and regulation
  • Assessment of crop yield and revenue risk,
  • Evaluation of risk abatement through crop insurance
  • Risk and return characteristics of farmland markets.
Selected Publications:

Sherrick, B.J., AThe Accuracy of Producers=s Probability Beliefs: Evidence and Implications for Insurance Valuation@, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, vol.7, no.1 (July 2002):77-93.

Barry, P.J., B.J. Sherrick, and P.N. Ellinger, ADevelopment of Risk-based Capital Models@, Journal of Agricultural Lending, v.16(2002):47-52.

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Schnitkey, G.D., B.J. Sherrick, and S.H. Irwin, “Evaluation of Risk Reductions Associated with Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Products”, Agricultural Finance Review, v.63, no. 1(Spring 2003):1-21.

Sherrick, B.J., P.J. Barry, P.N. Ellinger, and G.D Schnitkey, “Factors Influencing Farmers’ Crop Insurance Decisions”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, v.86, no. 1(February 2004):103-14.

Sherrick, B.J., F. Zanini, G.D. Schnitkey, and S.H. Irwin, ACrop Insurance Valuation Under Alternative Yield Distributions@, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, v.86, no.2(May 2004):406-19.

Hauser, R.H., B.J. Sherrick, and G.D. Schnitkey, “Relationships Among Government Payments, Crop Insurance Payments, and Crop Revenue”, European Review of Agricultural Economics, Sep 2004; 31: 353 - 368.

Diersen, M.A., and B.J. Sherrick, (senior authorship not assigned) AValuation and Efficient Allocation of GSM Export Credit Guarantees@, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, v.30(1):151-166.

Huang, H., G.Y. Miller, B.J Sherrick, and M. I. Gómez, , “Factors Influencing Illinois Farmland Values”, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, v.88, no.2(May 2006):458-70.

Egelkraut, T.M, B.J. Sherrick, and P. Garcia, “The Term Structure of Implied Forward Volatility in the Corn Futures Market”, accepted for publication, American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Egelkraut, T.M, P. Garcia, and B.J. Sherrick, “Options-Based Forecasts of Futures Prices in the Presence of Limit Moves”, forthcoming, Applied Economics.

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