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ACE 442: Modeling Applications in Finance:

The course involves taking a financial model or theory, and figuring out how to implement that model or theory using Excel and other computerized tools. With the tools you build, you can then address a wide variety of real world problems, but more importantly, learn modeling skills for tackling new problems that you will encounter in your working life.


ACE 340: Financial Management:

This course is an introduction to financial analysis and management as applied to both firms and individuals. The overall purpose of the course is to become better able to make effective financial decisions. These decisions include and impact: your own financial condition, the financial performance of firms, investment analyses, financial statement preparation and interpretation, financial contracting (borrowing/lending), and performance evaluation. The course is intended to supports preparation for the CFP as well as for careers in financial lending services industries -- and your own personal financial success


ACE 443: Intermediate Financial Management:

The course has several related objectives including: i) development of improved skills related to modern credit risk assessment and management; ii) understanding bank and lending institutions’ objectives and iii) understanding the organization of markets supplying financial capital to individuals and small businesses including the general regulatory and oversight environment under which they operate. The course is part of the applied financial management curricula (both Agricultural Finance, and Financial Planning and Management) and seeks to develop skills critical in the lending and financial services industries.



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