Understanding the Price Loss Coverage and Agriculture Risk Coverage programs in the 2014 Farm Bill

The 2014 Farm Bill substantially revises the Title I Commodities programs farmers utilize as a safety net. This webinar will walk producers and landowners through the series of decisions that must be made in regard to these programs, as well as provide detailed explanation of the programs. Landowners have the option to update payment yields and reallocate base acres for program use. Producers and all other decision makers on a farm must make a one-time program decision that begins with the 2014 crop year and cannot be changed during the life of this farm bill (through the 2018 crop year). That program decision is whether to take a fixed-price program (Price Loss Coverage), a revenue program with county-based coverage (County Agriculture Risk Coverage) or a revenue program with individual farm-based coverage (Individual Agriculture Risk Coverage). The programs will operate differently and may have significantly different payment outcomes for farmers, and this webinar will explain the differences and provide initial estimates for payments.