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Dec 01 | Weekly Climate Summary & Forecast

Todd Gleason

Farm Broadcaster
University of Illinois Extension
Bridgette Mason
Illinois State Water Survey
Prairie Research Institute
University of Illinois

December 1, 2022
Recommended citation format: Gleason, T. "Dec 01 | Weekly Climate Summary & Forecast." Farm Broadcaster, University of Illinois Extension, ---, Bridgette Mason, Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois, , December 1, 2022. Permalink

Hopefully, everyone enjoyed the last few days of November. Average temperatures from Friday to Tuesday were generally between 2 and 10 degrees above normal, with highs from the mid-40s to low 60s and lows from the mid-20s to upper 30s. Southerly winds allowed for these mild temperatures until a cold front swept through Tuesday night into Wednesday causing temperatures to plummet Wednesday and Thursday.

Illinois saw some rain last weekend. However, not enough to improve the drought conditions. The places across the state that received more than 1 inch had mostly normal to abnormally dry conditions, so our more extreme drought regions are still looking for relief. It’s important to keep in mind that if we go into the winter with a shortage of soil moisture combined with extended sub-freezing temperatures and a lack of snow cover, the potential for root injury is higher, especially for fruit crops and perennials. So keep an eye on the forecast and consider the potential for taking measures to reduce the risk for injury, such as irrigation or applying mulch.

Speaking of forecasts, tonight there’s a chance you’ll see some rain. Tomorrow and Sunday will be partly sunny and breezy across the state. For those of you in far southern Illinois, there is a chance that some precip may push north and impact you Sunday and Monday. A low-pressure system is looking to develop early Tuesday morning, bringing the likelihood of rain across the state on Tuesday, and possibly transitioning to snow Tuesday evening for northern and central Illinois. As far as temperatures this weekend and into next week, highs in the 30s for northern Illinois, 40s for central Illinois, and into the 50s for southern Illinois.

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