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Latest farmdoc Daily Articles

Household Food Acquisition Behaviors during Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many of consumers’ everyday behaviors, including how they get food. The extent to which an individual’s behavior changes is likely dependent on many factors. In this article, we’ll explore how geographic region and political affiliation…

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Reimagining the Cornerstone of Agricultural Research

Public funding of agricultural research is widely-accepted as a cornerstone of US agricultural abundance.  Etched on this cornerstone is the objective, “Grow 2 blades of grass where 1 grew before.”  Rarely is public policy so successful: corn yield has quintupled…

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Revised 2021 Crop Budgets Lead to Higher 2021 Return Projections

The 2021 Crop Budgets have been revised from the original August release. Corn and soybean prices have been increased in revised budgets, leading to higher corn and soybean return projections for 2021. In most years, soybeans have been more profitable…

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Tillage Benchmarks for Corn in Illinois

Machinery costs, including tillage, make up a significant portion of the farm budget. Tillage practices in Illinois are diverse and have changed over time as new technologies have become available. Although a recent farmdoc daily article (September 22, 2020) suggests…

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2019 ARC-CO Payments for Corn and Soybeans in the United States

With the Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently releasing actual county yields for the 2019 program year, ARC-CO payments can now be calculated. Last week we provided an overview of ARC-CO payments on corn and soybean base acres in Illinois counties.…

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Understanding FSA Yields Used to Calculate 2019 ARC-CO Payments

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) released 2019 county yields used in calculating 2019 Agricultural Risk Coverage at the county level (ARC-CO) payments. The primary data source for calculating FSA yields is now crop insurance data from the Risk Management Agency…

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Latest Farm Policy News Articles

La Niña in Brazil Could Impact Chinese Demand for U.S. Soybeans and Support Prices

Soybean prices rose recently on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, driven by the delay in planting the Brazilian crop, among other factors.  

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Kansas City Fed: Farm Lending Remained Muted in Third Quarter

In an update last week from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (“Ag Lending Update: Fewer Loans Issued to Farmers Limit Lending Activity”), Cortney Cowley and Ty Kreitman stated that, “Farm lending remained muted in the third quarter of 2020 but…

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China Has Purchased 71% of Its Phase One Target- and Could Issue More Corn Import Permits

A news release from USDA on Friday stated that, “The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and [USDA] today issued a report highlighting the progress made to date in implementing the agricultural provisions in the U.S.-China Phase One Economic and…

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Federal Reserve: Observations on the Ag Economy- October 2020

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve Board released its October 2020 Beige Book update, a summary of commentary on current economic conditions by Federal Reserve District. The report included several observations pertaining to the U.S. agricultural economy.

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FAS Report: Corn Ethanol Production Booms in Brazil

A report earlier this month from USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), “Corn Ethanol Production Booms in Brazil,” stated that, “Plentiful, and generally cheap, corn supplies in Brazil’s Center-West region have enticed investment in the corn ethanol sector over the last…

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Robust Soybean Export Forecast, While Countries “Bulk Up” Their Food Supplies

Mark Ash and Dana Golden explained in this month’s Oil Crops Outlook, from USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS), that, “Despite an unchanged yield, USDA pegs the 2020/21 U.S. soybean crop down by 45 million bushels this month to 4.268 billion…

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