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Coronavirus and Ag

The farmdoc team discusses the impact and influence of the Coronavirus on farmers and agriculture.  As we learn more we'll update this page with articles and videos to help inform…

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Latest farmdoc Daily Articles

Managing Nitrogen for Corn in 2020

As was the case a year ago, there have been limited opportunities to apply nitrogen fertilizer since last fall. Rainfall in Illinois through the first three weeks of March has been at or above average, and temperatures have been a…

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The Coronavirus and Ethanol Demand Destruction

Extraordinary restrictions have been put in place in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. and many other nations. The restrictions range from shelter-in-place orders to milder social distancing guidelines. The result is a contraction…

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How Big Is Nontraditional Finance?

A diverse group of lenders provides credit to U.S. agriculture outside traditional farm lending relationships. As discussed in the first article in our series, nontraditional finance can be a categorized into three groups: high-volume, branchless lenders; vendor finance; and collateral-based…

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What We Know About Income Outlook for Crop Farms Given COVID-19

COVID-19 has reduced grain farm income outlook for 2020. Expected revenue from remaining old crop sales and projected revenue for 2020 are reduced. Somewhat mitigating these reductions are potentially higher payments from commodity title programs. There also is a chance…

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Corn and Soybean Acreage in 2020

The planting season begins another year under considerable uncertainty.  While trade issues remain, the continued spread of the coronavirus and the ensuing market collapse complicates an already difficult decision.  Projections from many market observers indicate increases in corn and soybean…

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Fusarium Head Blight in Small Grains

Fusarium head blight (FHB) is an economically important disease affecting small grain production worldwide. The disease is predominantly caused by the fungus Fusarium graminearum in the United States, where infections can decrease yields and impact quality through reducing test weights…

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Latest Farm Policy News Articles

Despite Ample Global Supplies, Concerns About “Food Nationalism,” and Supply Chain Restrictions Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Earlier this week, Bloomberg writers Isis Almeida and Agnieszka de Sousa reported that, “It’s not just grocery shoppers who are hoarding pantry staples. Some governments are moving to secure domestic food supplies during the conoravirus pandemic.”

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Progress in U.S., China Phase One Trade, as COVID-19 Logistical Hurdles Impact Markets

Reuters writers Andrea Shalal and David Lawder reported this week that, “The United States and China have made progress in implementing the agriculture-related provisions of a Phase 1 trade deal that took effect on Feb. 14, the U.S. Department of…

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Time Has Run Out for EPA to Appeal 10th Circuit Biofuels Ruling

Reuters writer Richard Valdmanis reported on Wednesday that, “Time has run out for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to challenge a federal court ruling that would limit the agency’s use of waivers exempting small oil refineries from the country’s biofuels…

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Farmers Could Encounter Planting Delays in 2020, But Less Severe Conditions Than Last Year Expected

Last week, New York Times writer John Schwartz reported that, “Brace for another flooded spring — but not one as bad as last year, forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned on Thursday.”

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COVID-19 Has “Dimmed” Economic Prospects for Corn Belt Farmers

Wall Street Journal writers Jacob Bunge, Kirk Maltais, and Jesse Newman reported on Saturday that, “The new coronavirus is dealing another blow to the struggling U.S. agricultural sector, driving down crop and livestock prices and threatening labor shortages for farms.”

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COVID-19 Impacts: Plenty of Food “In the System,” But Guest Worker Concerns Persist

Ryan McCrimmon and Catherine Boudreau reported on Wednesday at Politico that, “Don’t be fooled by the barren grocery store shelves: There’s plenty more food on the way.”

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