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Weekly Climate Review & Weather Forecast

The mild and dry weather stuck around for the second full week of November. Average temperatures this week ranged from the mid 40s in northern Illinois to the high 50s in southern Illinois, between 2 and 5 degrees above normal. November to date has also been around 2 to 5 degrees above normal statewide, continuing what has been an overall very mild fall season. The entire state has had at least one killing frost by now,…

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Weekly Climate Review & Weather Forecast

We had a fleeting taste of warm weather this week. Average temperatures ranged from the low 50s to low 60s across the state, 2 to 6 degrees above normal. Even with the expected shot of winter next week, it’s likely October will end 1 to 2 degrees warmer than normal for the state. Nearly 10 months through 2023, the year to date has also been around 1 to 2 degrees warmer than normal statewide.
Once again,…

Nitrogen Supply for the Corn Crop

An article in the online Prairie Farmer on October 11, 2023 titled “How much nitrogen does corn get from fertilizer?” followed by the subheading …”80% of a corn crop’s N comes from the soil…” This has caused a great deal of discussion and consternation among those who sell and use nitrogen fertilizer on corn.
The basis for the article was a May 2023 news release from the University of Illinois College of ACES, which summarized findings from several studies conducted in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences by Dr.…

Illinois Crop Update – September 9, 2023

Russ Higgins – Extension Commercial Ag Educator
Grundy County
Soil Conditions: Moderately Dry (soil is dry, plants may be browning or stressed, water bodies are low)
Corn is at R5 (dent), and most soy is at R6 (full seed). Fields that still have green tissue are benefitting from recent rainfall. Areas that experienced drought conditions after pollination and during grain fill can expect corn kernel abortion near the ear tip and smaller and lighter kernels.…

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