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Weekly Climate Review & Weather Forecast

It was rinse and repeat for weather this week, with a continuation of our warm and wet pattern. Average temperatures this week ranged from the mid-50s in northern Illinois to the high 60s in southern Illinois, between 1 and 3 degrees above normal. The first half of May has been 3 to 6 degrees warmer than normal, following a top 20 warmest April on record statewide. Our very wet weather recently has kept nighttime temperatures especially high and made for very heavy morning dew.  …

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Illinois Crop Update – May 17, 2024

Emily Hansen – Commercial Agriculture Educator
LaSalle County
Soil Conditions: Mildly Wet (soil is wetter than normal, local vegetation is healthy)
Some growers were able to take advantage of the nice weather over the weekend and get out in the field. Most corn that was planted earlier is at VE-V1, and soybeans are at VE-VC. There is minimal standing water, but fields remain fairly wet.

Figure 1: Left: soy; Right: corn

Black Cutworm Feeding Possible Throughout Illinois

Black cutworms have been observed in traps across the state for the past couple of weeks. Several counties have reported significant moth flights (9 or more moths over a 2-night span). We can use the date of the significant flight to predict potential cutting dates based on degree day predictions.
Based on trap catches in late April and May, many counties in Illinois may start observing feeding, including cutting, as early as this week (Figure 1).…

Weekly Climate Review & Weather Forecast

The first full week of May was both warmer and wetter than normal. Average temperatures this week ranged from the high 50s in northern Illinois to the low 70s in southern Illinois, between 3 and 10 degrees above normal. Up to yesterday, this month has tied 2012 for the warmest start to May on record in Paducah. Several places saw highs in the mid to upper 80s this week, including 87 in Salem and 84 in Champaign.…

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