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Notes on Nitrogen as Planting Gets Underway

March was relatively warm and dry in Illinois, and corn planting started early: NASS reported that 1% of the Illinois corn crop was planted by March 31, and 2% by April 7. Those are no record-early starts, but it’s rare to have enough planted acreage to report by April 1. Most of the state has had above-normal rainfall for far in April, so we expect limited planting progress in the coming days.
In this article we’ll consider a few nitrogen-related issues to keep in mind as planting progresses in 2024:
Due perhaps to an article in the Ohio State C.O.R.N newsletter this week,…

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Weekly Climate Review & Weather Forecast

This week was very April-esque, with average temperatures in the high 40s to low 50s statewide. April to date has been within 1 degree of normal in most of Illinois, and 1-2 degrees warmer than normal in southern Illinois. This follows last month, which was the 10th warmest March on record statewide.
Most of the state picked up some rain this week as a wetter start to April continued. 7-day totals ranged from around half an inch in western Illinois to some isolated pockets of 3-4 inches in southeast Illinois.…

Notes on soybeans as planting gets underway

While statewide precipitation in March averaged 3.21 inches (89% of normal), we saw a clear north-south gradient within Illinois, with totals ranging from half to an inch above normal in the northern part of Illinois to as much as up to two inches below normal in the southern end of the state. April began with above-average precipitation across the state, with 7-day totals averaging almost 2 inches, or more than twice the normal amount. NASS reported that 3.7 and 1.9 days were suitable for fieldwork for the weeks ending March 31 and April 7,…

Crop Insurance Information from the farmdoc Team

The following is a series of crop insurance links related to information produced by the University of Illinois agricultural economist since March 1. You may find them useful in making crop insurance decisions. The first is a webinar the team hosted in which Bruce Sherrick and Nick Paulson detail both crop insurance and farm safety net (ARC/PLC) decisions.

The above webinar was aired on Monday of this past week. Tuesday the team posted an article titled “…

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