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A Simple to Understand Variable Cash Rent Lease

  • In this interview, Gary Schnitkey outlines a simple variable cash rent agreement. It sets the minimum rent $100 below the USDA average, the maximum $!00 above that average, and adds a yield factor of  32% of the corn yield income or 43% of the soybean yield income to the minimum for central and northern Illinois. Those factors differ in southern Illinois.

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Sep 23 | Weekly Climate Summary & Wx Forecast

by Trent Ford, Illinois State Climatologist
Illinois State Water Survey
Prairie Research Center
Even though climatological fall started three weeks ago, we had to wait until this week to get our first real taste of the season. Average air temperatures most of this week were 8 to 12 degrees above normal, including a few days with highs that were 15 to 20 degrees above normal. Carbondale hit 99 degrees on Wednesday, the latest that mark has been reached in Carbondale’s record.…

Illinois Crops Update 9/9/2022

Nick Seiter, Extension Field Crops Entomologist, University of Illinois
Second-generation bean leaf beetle adults have been emerging over the last few weeks; pod scarring has been an issue in some areas over the last two years. Consider scouting your R6 beans, particularly in fields that you expect to mature late. Remember it takes a lot of beetles and a lot of this sort of damage to reduce yield and/or quality. The beetles do not directly feed on the seed,…

Considerations as the 2022 Soybean Crop Approaches Maturity

Planting of the 2022 Illinois soybean crop began a little later than normal, and ended ahead of normal (Figure 1). Although summer temperatures were a little higher than normal, the onset and pace of flowering (“blooming”) and podsetting lagged behind what we would have expected based on planting progress. This is unusual Given that there was unusually cool weather in July. The most likely explanation is that the dry weather held back both vegetative and reproductive development to some extent.…

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