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Corn Growth Stages and Postemergence Herbicides – Size IS Important

The labels of most postemergence corn herbicides allow applications at various crop growth stages, but almost all product labels indicate a maximum growth stage beyond which broadcast applications should not be made, and a few even a state minimum growth stage before which applications should not be made. …

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Adjusting Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates to Price Changes

Corn planting progress continues, with 23% of the Illinois crop planted by April 25, and planting continues with some rain delays the last week of April. The warm temperatures that finally arrived will be good for emergence of both corn and soybeans,…

Emerging Soybeans and Delayed PRE Herbicide Applications

Soil-residual herbicides are important components of integrated weed management programs. Labels of many single and multiple active ingredient products allow application before and after soybean emergence, but other active ingredients can cause severe soybean injury if applied to emerging soybean. In fields where a PRE herbicide application has been delayed and soybean are beginning to emerge,…

Soybean gall midge: learn to identify this potential invader

Authors: Nick Seiter1, Joseph Spencer2, and Kelly Estes2
1University of Illinois Dept. of Crop Sciences; 2Illinois Natural History Survey
Farmers in several states to our west (particularly in eastern Nebraska) have been dealing with the soybean gall midge for several years.…

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