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lllinois Average Farm Price Received Database

About This Tool

Average farm price received data, for multiple commodities, in the state of Illinois for the period 1960 to present. These historical price series are often useful for long-range planning. Seven commodities are included in the tool: corn, soybeans, wheat, barrows and gilts, steers and heifers, calves and milk. Monthly average prices and monthly marketing weights are available for corn, soybeans and wheat. Only monthly average prices are available for barrows and gilts, steers and heifers, calves and milk. It is important to note that the prices represent the average price actually received by farmers, and therefore, may be different from average prices offered by the market. File is Microsoft Excel format.

Data Sources

The source for the data is the National Agricultural Statistical Service (NASS) of the US Department of Agriculture. Definitions for each series can be found at the NASS website. Due to a change in specification, the price series “All Hogs” is used for years prior to 1983; from 1983 until present, the “Barrows and Gilts” price series is used. All other commodities have a single, continuous price series for all years. Annual average prices are based on calendar years for all commodities. Seasonal average prices are computed only for corn, soybeans and wheat and are based on marketing years (Sep-Aug: corn and soybeans; Jun-May: wheat.)

How to Use This Tool

To view the data in MS Excel, download the XLSX file.

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