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Agricultural Pesticide Use Trends and National Interactive Maps Available, 1992 to 2009

  • May 20, 2013

Just recently, the National Water-Quality Assessment Program, United States Geological Survey, released information on the use of agricultural pesticides (459 pesticides) for the period of 1992 to 2009. Provided below are links that can be used to access maps that show pesticide use, methodologies to determine their use, and county level information.
Annual Agricultural Pesticide Use Maps, 1992 to 2009
Methods Used to Estimate Agricultural Pesticide Usage
Agricultural Pesticide Use by County
Data for the primary corn rootworm insecticides (tefluthrin –…

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Update on Black Cutworm Projected Cutting Dates for Illinois

  • May 17, 2013

Black cutworm moths continue their northward migration into Illinois and other areas of the Corn Belt. Kelly Estes, Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator for the state, shared with me projected cutting dates for the following counties: Fayette – May 27, Pike – May 22, Edgar – May 28, Piatt – May 21, Logan – May 22, Menard – May 22, and Warren – June 6. As corn begins to emerge, producers are encouraged to look for early signs of leaf feeding.…

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Don’t Neglect to Scout for Alfalfa Weevils in the Rush to Plant Corn

  • May 17, 2013

On May 15, I scouted a stand of alfalfa in Champaign County and found numerous third and fourth instar alfalfa weevil larvae by using a sweep net.  By May 16, 461 degree days (base 48ºF) had accumulated since January 1, 2013 for Champaign. The average degree-day accumulation by this date for the preceding 11-year period is 510. So, we are just slightly behind this long-term average. Although larvae were numerous, I did not detect significant defoliation.…

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The Trapping Line: May 10

  • May 10, 2013

Two more black cutworm moth traps have started reporting this week, one in Piatt County and a second location in Champaign County at Parkland College.  Based on intense moth flight captures Kelly Estes, State Survey Coordinator, calculated the following projected cutting dates.

Biofix Date
Projected Cutting Date

Perry (Pike County)

Logan County

Brownstown (Fayette County)

Here are the moth captures reported so far this month:

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New Report on Economic and Environmental Impacts of Transgenic Crops Available

  • May 7, 2013

A new peer-reviewed work has been published (April 2013) that outlines some significant global economic and environmental benefits of transgenic crops. The paper is titled — GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2011. The authors of the paper are Graham Brookes and Peter Barfoot, with PG Economics Ltd, Dorchester, United Kingdom. Provided are key findings that I gleaned from the report, some, are direct quotes from this document. As an agricultural entomologist who has conducted western corn rootworm research for many years,…

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University of Illinois hosts International Agronomy Day

  • March 27, 2013

Agriculturists around the world are invited to engage in a global food production discussion during International Agronomy Day at the University of Illinois on August 26.
The U of I Department of Crop Sciences encourages producers from around the globe to participate in this unique forum bringing its nationally renowned faculty together to share the latest in agronomy, weed science, crop production, pest management, agricultural economics and more.
German Bollero, head of the Department of Crop Sciences,…

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