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Farm Program Payment Comparisons under the 1996 and 2002 Farm Bill

About This Publication

Considerable discussion has arose concerning the level of government expenditures estimated under the recently passed Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, hereafter referred to as the 2002 Farm Bill, as compared to the 1996 Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act (FAIR), the 1996 Farm Bill. Popular press articles have indicated as much as a seventy percent increase in government payments under the new bill. Generally, these comparisons have not taken in consideration the additional marketing loss assistance payments that have been paid since 1998. This paper looks at provisions contained in the Commodity Title of the new Farm Bill and estimates payments for representative Illinois grain farms for 2001 under the 1996 Farm Bill and the 2002 Farm Bill. Caution must be taken in reviewing the results as these estimates are based on a current understanding of provisions of the new Bill. Final regulations have not been released.

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