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Grip-Hr: An Analysis Of Returns And Risks

About This Publication

Group Risk Income Plan (GRIP) is a revenue insurance that insures county revenue. In 2004, a harvest revenue option was added to GRIP. At the county level, GRIP with the harvest revenue option (GRIP-HR) is conceptually similar to farm-level products that have guarantee increase provisions (i.e., Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) or Revenue Assurance (RA) with a harvest revenue option). How GRIP-HR works is described in a previous Illinois Farm Economics: Facts and Opinions entitled “Group Crop Insurance Plans”. This previous article also details the working of the other two group products (Group Risk Plan (GRP) and Group Risk Income Plan without the Harvest Revenue option (GRIP-NoHR)). The purpose of this Facts and Opinions article is to quantify the returns and risks associated with GRIP-HR.

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