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Nutrient Management Addendum – PDF

About This Publication

To use this addendum for your lease form:  Complete two identical copies of this form (one for owner/lessor and one for tenant/lessee).  Fill in the items below as applicable.  This addendum can be used for either the Illinois Fixed Cash Lease Form [] or Illinois Crop-Share Farm Lease [], or any other lease; it can be attached directly to the lease or sent separately from the lease.  In section 7 of the Illinois Cash Lease Form, write in the following:

Incorporation by Reference. All exhibits and addenda attached hereto are hereby incorporated into this Lease and made a part hereof. If there is any conflict between such exhibits or addenda and the terms of this Lease, such exhibits or addenda shall control.

NOTE: A lease and any addendum to a lease creates and alters legal rights; thus, owner/lessor and tenant/lessee should strongly consider discussing lease provisions with their respective legal advisors.

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