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Scattered Reports of Armyworms in Wheat Across Southern Illinois

  • May 20, 2014

There have been scattered reports of armyworm infestations in southern Illinois wheat with some fields receiving an insecticide treatment. I encourage producers to review the biology, life cycle, and management information in the University of Illinois fact sheet on armyworms. With respect to economic thresholds, there is some variation from state to state. Provided below are thresholds from four land grant universities for consideration. They share some common features. If an insecticide rescue treatment is warranted,…

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Black Cutworm – Projected Cutting Dates for Some Illinois Counties

  • April 28, 2014

Significant flights of black cutworm moths were reported in several counties of Illinois during mid-April. Based upon these captures of moths in pheromone traps, projected cutting dates are offered for the following counties: Champaign (May 20), Fayette (May 11), Logan (May 14), Madison (May 11), Pike (May 17), and Warren (May 18). Fields most at risk to economic infestations include those that are planted late and infested with winter annuals. Weedy fields are often targeted for egg laying by these strong migratory moths.…

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Field Evolved Western Corn Rootworm Resistance to Bt (Cry3Bb1) Confirmed in Three Additional Illinois Counties

  • April 3, 2014

On August 24, 2012, in cooperation with Dr. Aaron Gassmann’s laboratory, Iowa State University, I confirmed the evolution of field resistance by western corn rootworms to the Cry3Bb1 protein in some problem fields located in northwestern Illinois (Henry and Whiteside Counties). During the summer of 2012, Dr. Joe Spencer, Illinois Natural History Survey, received suspected Bt-resistant western corn rootworm adults that had been collected in continuous cornfields in McDonough, Mercer, and Sangamon Counties. Eggs were obtained from these adults in the laboratory.…

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Western Corn Rootworm Egg Survival and the Winter of 2013-14: What’s the Likely Outcome?

  • March 18, 2014

The winter of 2013-14 will long be remembered as one of the snowiest and coldest since the late 1970s for many midwestern states. Not surprisingly,  many questions have surfaced regarding the impact of these cold temperatures on the overwintering survival of western corn rootworm eggs. Research on this topic has only sparingly occurred. In my estimation, one of the best field studies on this challenging research area, was undertaken by an Iowa State University graduate student,…

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Western Corn Rootworm Management Webinar (February 20, 2014) Recorded and Available for Viewing

  • February 26, 2014

On February 20, 2014, a webinar was presented by five land grant entomologists (see below) concerning western corn rootworm management challenges and recommendations. As we move forward this year, there remain many lingering concerns regarding the root protection performance of some Bt hybrids in light of the evolving resistance to certain traits. The live webinar was well received (over 300 participants); however, for those unable to take part in this session, you can now view the recorded session. …

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Corn Rootworm Management Webinar – February 20, 2014

  • February 3, 2014

As we approach the 2014 growing season, many questions remain concerning how best to manage western corn rootworms in light of the on-going concerns over resistance to some Bt proteins. A corn rootworm management webinar will be available on February 20 (Thursday), 2014. The program will begin at 1 PM (CST) and conclude at 3:30 PM. The program is supported by a USDA-NIFA North Central IPM Program grant. An excellent slate of land grant entomologists will take part in this session:

  • Rootworm biology and behavior;

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“Handy Bt Trait Table” Published by Michigan State University and University of Wisconsin Entomologists

  • November 7, 2013

Drs. Chris DiFonzo (Michigan State University) and Eileen Cullen (University of Wisconsin) recently updated and published their “Handy Bt Trait Table.” This great reference provides information for transgenic hybrids on the types of Bt proteins expressed, insects controlled, herbicide tolerance, and refuge requirements for selected traits. Depending upon the specific Cry protein (below ground and/or above ground) expressed and combinations of Cry proteins delivered within the large range of Bt hybrids sold,…

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Register Now for the 2013 AGMasters Conference

  • October 15, 2013

The on-line registration site is open for the 2013 AGMasters Conference. The conference will take place December 2 and 3 at the i Hotel and Conference Center, Champaign, Illinois. The program will begin with a general session that features five outstanding speakers who will cover a broad range of topics that relate to agricultural production and the environment. Following the opening session, participants will be able to select eight of sixteen specialized workshop topics of most interest to them.…

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Preliminary Root Ratings Posted for Corn Rootworm Products in Urbana, Illinois Trial

  • September 6, 2013

Each year, the performance of corn rootworm products (Bt hybrids and planting-time soil insecticides) are evaluated in several trials at University of Illinois Education and Research Centers located near DeKalb, Monmouth, Perry, and Urbana. The experiments are conducted in plots that were planted to a trap crop (late-planted corn, interplanted with pumpkins) the previous year. A trap crop system is used to help ensure greater levels of rootworm pressure from year to year. In 2013, the level of root pruning in three of the locations,…

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