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Join our corn rootworm monitoring network

Nick Seiter

Department of Crop Sciences
University of Illinois

June 10, 2022
Recommended citation format: Seiter, N.. "Join our corn rootworm monitoring network." Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois, June 10, 2022. Permalink
  • Corn rootworm populations have expanded over the last several years in northern IL
  • We’re recruiting volunteers to help monitor rootworm populations
  • If you are interested in rootworm trapping, send an email to with your contact information, shipping address, and how many fields you plan to monitor

Both western and northern corn rootworm population levels have increased over the last couple of years as resistance to Bt traits becomes more widespread. In Illinois, there has been a sharp divide between areas of northern Illinois (where continuous corn is common and serious rootworm damage has occurred) and most of the rest of Illinois (where rotation-resistant populations of rootworm have been small and we’ve observed few problems). Beginning last year, our colleagues at Iowa State have coordinated a large, regional effort to monitor corn rootworm adults; you can view the regional report here In addition, you can find a report specific to Illinois in our annual report of applied research results:

We need volunteer trappers to continue these efforts to monitor rootworm populations over time, track the recent expansion of northern corn rootworm in the state, and better predict corn rootworm damage. If you are interested in volunteering to set up and monitor traps for corn rootworm, send an email to by June 22, 2022. Please include your contact information, shipping address, and the number of fields you wish to monitor. If you already have traps and still wish to participate, contact me and I can provide further instruction on how to share the data. Plan to begin trapping during the second or third week of July and continuing for four weeks.

Contact: Nick Seiter, Field Crop Entomologist | | (812) 593-4317

Map of corn rootworm trap results 2021
2021 Western and northern corn rootworm beetle monitoring results in corn
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