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Bringing 2014 Crop Management Conference Presentations to Your Desktop

Aaron Hager
July 21, 2014
Recommended citation format: Hager, A.. "Bringing 2014 Crop Management Conference Presentations to Your Desktop." Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, July 21, 2014. Permalink

Each year the University of Illinois Extension’s Crop Management Conference series brings 13 hours of training to farmers, Certified Crop Advisors and other professionals working in agriculture. Extension personnel captured the audio from four different presentation during the 2014 Crop Management Conferences. Personnel in the Extension Web Development Team synced visual content with the captured audio to produce interactive online courses.

Three courses have been completed and one in still in development. Dr. Emerson Nafziger’s crop management presentations “Getting High Corn Yields in a Lower-Corn-Price World” and “Planning and Using Data from On-Farm Trials” and Dr. Mike Gray’s integrated pest management presentation, “Update on the Troublesome Injury to Bt Corn” are now available and Dr. Carl Bradley’s integrated pest management presentation, “Wheat Disease Identification & Management” will be available soon.

How to access the lessons. On the next rain-day, these and 11 courses covering soil and water management topics and two others covering integrated pest management topics are open for public viewing free of charge on the University of Illinois Extension CCA webpage.

Course topics are listed in a column along the right-hand side of the homepage under the heading, “Other Online Courses”, while topic descriptions are located below the text on the right (Figure).

When a person clicks on one of the topics, a small green window with the selected topic as a heading will pop up (Figure).

To view the course, click on the words, “Begin Course” under the topic heading (Figure).

CCAs looking for CEUs. To obtain continuing education units, Certified Crop Advisors must register, log-in, pay a small fee, view each slide in its entirety and complete a short quiz.

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