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Last call for soybean information

Emerson Nafziger
March 9, 2018
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I wrote a short article here about a month ago asking for everyone’s cooperation on a project in which we (Corn Belt states) are gathering field-level information on soybean fields to feed into a study, funded (with soybean checkoff dollars) by the North Central Soybean Research Program, looking at weather, soil, and management effects soybean yield over the Corn Belt.

While we got some response to that article, we have so far gathered information on less than half the fields in Illinois that we, as the largest soybean-producing state, are assigned to get from the 2017 growing season. After distributing hundreds of the forms and describing the project at meetings around Illinois over the past month, this is both disappointing and perplexing. I’m asking for everyone’s help to get more of this information collected in the final push over the next couple of weeks.

As we have done for the last year, we are offering a $50 gift card for those who fill out and return forms. Our focus is on the 2017 season, but we will accept information from 2016 as well. We don’t ask for detailed information – only the location of each field, field yield (just a number, no map), and some production information such as planting date, seeding rate, etc. We’d like information on up to four fields from each of the past two seasons from each producer, but information from only 2017 can also be provided. The gift card request form mentions that we’d like information from at least six fields over the two years, but we’ll be happy to provide gift cards for information on three or four fields, and only from 2017.

If you can help us in this effort, please download the PDF forms at – there are four pages, one an example with a little explanation, one is the gift card request form, and there is one page each for 2016 and 2017, with space on each for information from up to four fields. I can send also forms by mail of email if anyone needs that.

Forms can be filled on the computer or printed and filled out by hand, then scanned and returned as email attachments, or sent by mail. The mailing address is on the gift card request form.

The last date we can receive forms is March 31 – we will need to send in what we have no later than April 2 (April 1 is Easter Sunday.) So if you’re mailing completed forms, please send them by March 28 so they’ll arrive here on time. We may not be able to use (or provide gift cards for) any forms postmarked after April 1.

I’d really appreciate everyone’s help to reach our goal this last time. We need information from fields all over Illinois. Students, vo-ag classes, farmers, company agronomists, sales people – all can help with this effort. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass this request on.

Thanks to all who have helped on this project, and in advance to those who will respond to this appeal.

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