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Applying Dicamba Prior to Planting

Aaron Hager
April 9, 2013
Recommended citation format: Hager, A. "Applying Dicamba Prior to Planting." Department of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, April 9, 2013. Permalink

Dicamba is a growth regulator herbicide that can be used to control existing weed vegetation prior to crop planting.   Several commercially-available products contain dicamba, but not all products are specifically labeled for application prior to crop (especially soybean) planting.  Clarity may be applied before planting no-tillage corn at rates ranging from 8 (on coarse soils or medium- and fine-textured soils with less than 2.5% organic matter) to 16 (medium- and fine-textured soils containing 2.5% or greater organic matter) fluid ounces.  In conventional or reduced tillage corn, do not apply Clarity to coarse-textured soils or any soil with less than 2.5% organic matter until after corn emerges.

Clarity is one of the few dicamba-containing formulations labeled for application prior to soybean planting.  Application rates range from 4–16 fluid ounces.  Following application and a minimum accumulation of 1 inch of precipitation, a waiting interval of 14 (for applications of 8 fluid ounces of less) or 28 days (for applications greater than 8 fluid ounces) must elapse before soybean planting.  For example, if 8 ounces of Clarity were applied 15 days ago and today the treated field received a 1-inch rainfall, another 14 days must elapse before soybean planting.  In other words, the waiting intervals begin only after the accumulation of 1 inch of precipitation.  These intervals must be observed prior to planting soybean or crop injury may occur.

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