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Remain Aware of the Potential for Herbicide Carryover in 2013

  • April 8, 2013

Ideally, soil-residual herbicides should provide several weeks of weed control but not persist long enough in the soil environment to cause damage to rotational crops.  Dry soil conditions, similar to what most of Illinois experienced during the 2012 growing season, often slow the rate of herbicide degradation and increase the potential for damage to rotational crops from herbicide carryover.  Some remember the dry growing season of 1998 and the problems encountered in 1989 due to the persistence of one or more soil-residual herbicides that did not adequately degrade in the dry soil conditions of 1988. …

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University of Illinois hosts International Agronomy Day

  • March 27, 2013

Agriculturists around the world are invited to engage in a global food production discussion during International Agronomy Day at the University of Illinois on August 26.
The U of I Department of Crop Sciences encourages producers from around the globe to participate in this unique forum bringing its nationally renowned faculty together to share the latest in agronomy, weed science, crop production, pest management, agricultural economics and more.
German Bollero, head of the Department of Crop Sciences,…

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Memorial to Dr. Marshal McGlamery

  • March 8, 2013

Dr. Marshal D. McGlamery, Professor Emeritus of Weed Science at the University of Illinois passed away January 25, 2013 in Suffolk, Virginia. Dr. McGlamery was world renowned for his knowledge and expertise in weed management. His unique talents for communicating his extensive knowledge with individuals and audiences were equally renowned. During his 35-year career in the professorial ranks at the University of Illinois, untold numbers of students, farmers and agricultural professionals benefitted from Dr. McGlamery’s undaunted passion for helping others better understand and manage unwanted vegetation.…

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