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Rootworm Beetle Emergence – 2024 Monitoring Program

Corn rootworm beetles will begin emerging throughout Illinois over the next couple of weeks (we noticed the first few western corn rootworm beetles of the year at our Urbana field site earlier this week). There are a number of things we can learn by keeping track of corn rootworm emergence, particularly in fields that have a history of rootworm problems:

  • Control performance. Usually, our first indication that a local population is developing resistance to a Bt trait package is elevated numbers of beetles emerging from traited corn;

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Stress and the 2024 corn and soybean crops

As high temperatures continue and rainfall remains scarce, many Illinois producers are getting concerned about prospects for the 2024 crops. While it is not very productive to ask ourselves if we should have managed tillage and planting differently, remembering how this year’s crop is faring might inform some of our decisions in the future.
After a planting season that stretched from late March to mid-June and included a substantial amount of replanting, Illinois corn and soybeans are almost completely planted;…

Illinois Crop Update – June 21, 2024

Emily Hansen – Commercial Agriculture Educator
LaSalle County
Soil Conditions: Near Normal
Like much of the state, in LaSalle County it has been hot with only one day in the past week having some scattered showers.  There are some scattered thunderstorms in the forecast for next week, though. Overall, crops are still looking good, but the soil is starting to dry out a bit on top.  Corn at the IVCC research and demonstration plots is at V5,…

Reminder: University of Illinois 2024 Weed Science Field Research Tour

The weed science program at the University of Illinois invites all weed management practitioners to our annual weed science field tour on Wednesday, June 26 at the Department of Crop Sciences field research location known as the Clem Farm, located at 1114 County Road 1200 East, Champaign. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and the tour will start at 9:00 a.m. Preregistration is not required, but please let us know in advance if you will be bringing a large group of participants so we can plan accordingly for meals.…

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