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A Statement from the Illinois Department of Agriculture regarding the mailing of unsolicited seeds

“We are currently working with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) to address reports of unsolicited shipments of seeds from foreign countries. Anyone who receives unordered seeds in the mail should contact the Illinois Department of Agriculture by emailing the following information to First and Last Name,…

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Southern rust- keep an eye out

We have a new post on the current situation with southern rust in Illinois.  Click here to access.…

Impact of recent rains and scouting corn and soybeans

Recent fronts that have pushed through the state, giving relief to many areas that have been stressed by heat and a lack of water.  That’s great for productivity, and also can impact diseases.  A new post on the disease outlook and considerations can be found by clicking here.…

new post on scouting and foliar disease in Illinois corn

Finally some wet weather!  That means finally some foliar diseases may start to pop up in our corn crop.  Check out the new article by clicking here!…

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