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Archive: 2000 Farm Income

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2000 - A Workshop Addressing Challenges in Management, Finance, Marketing, and Law

An extended period of low commodity prices, the current rise in input costs, new developments in biotechnology, and an uncertain economic outlook provide ample challenges for the farm business manager and farm related businesses. The University of Illinois Extension and the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics will be conducting two workshops in December 2000 to address some of these challenges for the year ahead.

The workshops will include four breakout sessions on topics in management, finance, marketing, and law. The management workshop will focus on production costs and their importance for enterprise selection, marketing decisions, and profitability. The finance workshop will focus on methods and tools to identify financial strengths and weaknesses and tools to aid in evaluating land and machinery investments. The marketing workshop will focus on a 5 year evaluation of professional marketing services and the implications for grain marketing plans. The session in ag law will include a discussion of new developments, particularly in the area of biotechnology.

2000 Presentations

Illinois Farm Income Situation

Dale Lattz, Paul Ellinger, and Gary Schnitkey
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

Outlook for Commodity Prices

Darrel Good
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

Using Production Costs and Break-Even Levels to Determine Income Possibilities

Dale Lattz and Gary Schnitkey
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

Tools for Financial Decision Making

Paul Ellinger and Bruce Sherrick
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

Grain Marketing - Are Farmers Really That Bad?

Darrel Good, Scott Irwin, Joao Martines
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

Biotech and Other New Developments in Agricultural Law

Donald Uchtmann
Department of ACE, University of Illinois

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